Top 10 biggest law firms in Toronto in 2023

Biggest law firms in Toronto 2023

Biggest law firms in Toronto – Best in 2023
Toronto is a hub of legal activity and is home to some of the biggest and richest law firms in Canada. Whether you are looking for a top-tier firm with a long history of success or a smaller, more boutique firm with a unique approach to legal services, there is something for everyone in the Toronto legal market. To help you navigate the many options available to you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 biggest law firms in Toronto.

In this guide, we’ll look at the biggest firms in the city, their areas of expertise, and the types of services they offer. From corporate law to family law, this guide will help you find the right fit for your legal needs.

Some of the biggest law firms in Toronto are also the best law firms to work for in Toronto. In the current list of Canadian law firms, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP is the biggest law firm in Canada today. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, which pays first-year Toronto associates $160,000, is the highest-paying law firm in Canada in 2023.

Which is the biggest law firm in Toronto in 2023?

Currently, Clearway Law is one of the biggest law firms in Toronto. Besides, it ranks as the best law firm in Toronto today. Clearway Law operates as an online legal marketplace that helps the public identify and connect with appropriate legal representation.

So which are the biggest law firms in Toronto in 2023? Below are the top 10 biggest corporate and commercial law firms in Toronto in 2023.

Biggest law firms in Toronto 2023

  1. Clearway Law. Team of lawyers representing and advising clients
  2. Baker Mckenzie.
  3. Latham & Watkins LLP. DLA Piper is a global law firm.
  4. Marvin A. Gorodensky Professional Corporation. Employment attorneys in Toronto.
  5. Brian Ross Criminal Defense Lawyer. Criminal Defence Lawyers in Toronto.
  6. Baker&Baker. Toronto family lawyer firm.
  7. Lorisa Stain. MA, JD, FEA.
  8. KELLY D. JORDAN. It’s the best family law firm in Toronto.
  9. Rajwans. Law Practice, Toronto.
  10. Holmberg Watson Business & Estate Lawyers. They are the best experts for Business Lawyers in Toronto.


Apart from the listed biggest law firms in Toronto, there are also top Corporate Lawyers in Toronto like Kafka Law, Ordower Law Professional Corporation, and Nava Wilson LLP.

Due to the influx of many law firms in the Toronto legal market, the above-mentioned also happen to be among the top 10 biggest law firms in Toronto and Canada in 2023.


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